What We Are Teaching Our Kids Through Academics Is Not Enough

Life throws curve balls.   Caring.  Fixing.  Cooking.  Cleaning.  Problem Solving.  Surviving.  Skill Trek prepares them for life.
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What is SkillTrek?

An A to Z collection of life skills we believe all children should know in addition to their traditional schooling or homeschooling.

The skills are fun and creative and include professionally designed lessons and videos.

Receive the skills in the format that works best for your family:

 An Online Subscription to our Web App

 As individual Skill Trek Express bundles delivered to your email.

Skill Trek Categories Include:
From Ages 5 to 18
(Or any age really.  Even the parents are learning from Skill Trek skills.)
Skill Trek Express Digital Curriculum
If you love the simplicity of a digital download, try SkillTrek in these seasonal deliveries right to your inbox.   
An interactive download with skill instruction sheets and videos.
Skill Trek Complete Software Curriculum
Login to your family account from any device. 
Assign skills, monitor progress and watch your kids' excitement as they earn nuggets and achieve their rewards!

Purchase Options
Skill Trek Express Digital Curriculum
$34.95 / bundle
  • Digital Downloads delivered to Your email
  • View the skills and videos on any device
  • Includes one seasonal group.
Skill Trek Complete
Family Memberships begin at $14.95
  • An online membership portal for your entire family.
  • Unlimited access to seasonally released skills for every age group
  • A complete library of BONUS skills + Current Event and Topical Skills
A Sampler of our Skills:
Skill lists vary a bit by age group.  We don't want youngsters playing with fire but we do want our older kids to become comfortable with more advanced skills.  This is a sampling of what's included with our Winter Edition.
Choose a Nutritious Snack
Address an Envelope
Ice Skating
Telling Time Using the 24 Hour Clock
Plan A Menu
Reflective Listening
A Healthy Amount of Sleep
How to Make a Candle

Send us an e-mail anytime: info@skilltrekker.com

Why Skill Trek Exists

Actively involved within our community, we believed our children were covered when it came to life skills, but after a routine family outting with others, we were surprised to realize the gaps within our own family. 

Having both typically developing children and children with special needs, we looked for a curriculum to help us explore areas we wanted to cover. We also needed it to be customizable and allow our whole family to learn together. 

Being a homeschooling family for over a decade, we thought surely there was something out there to meet our needs. Unable to find what we were looking for, we created something that has worked wonders in our own home.

Skill Trek made such a fundamental difference for our family! Not only are our children becoming proficient in essential life skills, but they are using those skills within the family unit. We even see our younger children teaching their new skills to their older siblings. And as parents, we're learning new skills, too!


“I was totally blown away that my rambunctious five year old embraced the challenge of making his bed. Mastering this small task not only increased his self-esteem, but Skill Trek’s challenge is not a one time event; it's a habit forming strategy. Ten weeks later, he's still making his own bed every morning."

Skill Trek is the one thing I didn't realize was missing from our homeschool journey. Having the ability to teach my children lessons that I am not able to teach myself, right from the site is worth its weight in gold. I cannot wait to see what my children learn by the end of the year!" ~ Stephanie of The Multi-Taskin' Mom.

"Finally! A curriculum that helps me prepare my kids with life skills they need. I am impressed with how simple the tasks are and yet they are so needed. I was really pleased to discover that I could add tasks from other levels for my older girls who are jumping in at the highest level. This will ensure they don't miss anything. No other curriculum covers this stuff!" ~ Jill of Jill's Home Remedies

Skill Trek has exceeded everything I hoped it would be.  My children are eager to earn nuggets and master new skills, and the lessons have been fantastic jumping points for further discussion and learning.  I highly recommend this program to all parents of children!" ~ Dawn of Cedar's Story


Watch One Of Our Life Skills Videos--Dusting the House
Andrew and Sara Elizabeth use their experience in children's drama and puppetry to make the lessons both entertaining and educational.

What are the age groups?
Skill Trek is a life-skills curriculum  developed for kids, around 5 years old through young adult to enjoy. Some developmentally ready preschoolers have also joined in on the fun and learned new skills. 

Ages 5 through 8 (and some developmentally ready preschoolers) use the Trailblazer lessons.

Ages 9 through 12 are Rockhoppers

Ages 13-young adult are the Cragsman group.

Can my child skip an age group or do a younger age group?
Yes! Skill Trek was designed to meet a child where they are developmentally. As parents of children with special needs, they created the curriculum so that children + teens move through levels rather than age-related grades. If you have a question regarding placement, please e-mail us at info@skilltrekker.com
Can my whole family participate?
Yes! One membership subscription includes all of your children.  As for little ones, they simply need to be developmentally ready to safely complete the skills. We also have parents who are working alongside their kids and learning, too. 
Can my co-op or homeschool group use Skill Trek?
For co-ops and groups, please contact us at info@skilltrekker.com to discuss  copyright release and a special group rate for our software. 

What are the lessons like? Is Skill Trek independent?
The main lessons of Skill Trek are found in the printable pdfs; however, most of our lessons also have an accompanying video that helps to flesh out and expand a lesson. 

We're busy parents ourselves, and we want to make the most of our time, so we wrote Skill Trek so that it will work with a family's dynamics; however, every family is unique, and it's not an independent curriculum.

If your Trekker can't read proficiently, you'll need to read the lessons to them, but we've made the lessons so that they should only take about 5 minutes to read. The bulk of the lesson is in the application.

Speaking of the application, some of our skills involve water safety, working with power tools, automobile related skills, recreation + sports, cooking and working with hot elements, etc. If you're unable to oversee your child or teen's assignment, you may restrict their lessons to those that you feel comfortable with their doing independently. 


What are the differences between Skill Trek Complete and Skill Trek Express?
Skill Trek Express: Delivered via e-mail each season and includes the Skill Trek core and basic bonus skills. Families receive a release to print nugget boards and nugget stickers for use within their immediate family. 

Skill Trek Complete: Online portal where Trekkers have their own Trailhead and customizable plan. A legacy skills (gap skills) assessment tool is available to see if your child needs to cover skills from earlier levels. When Trekkers complete a skill, they can have their picture uploaded into our optional Hall of Fame and their nuggets auto-populate on their virtual nugget boards.

Fresh new skills are added regularly to the Skill Trek Complete software.

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Still have questions?
Send us an e-mail anytime: info@skilltrekker.com

More Testimonials:
"My kids keep asking "Can we do Skill Trek?" They love their [trail]guide and earning nuggets! I love that they're learning a wide range of life skills. It's a busy mom win, for sure!" ~ Tauna of Proverbial Homemaker

"Oftentimes as parents we underestimate our child's abilities. Skill Trek helps you set the bar high, but not too high for their age as well as ability. I love the ease of the site and how I can set the lessons for each child based on their needs. This is one program we will continue to use with each child as they grow!" ~ Annette of In All You Do

"I've enjoyed reading these lessons. So many basic things that have been lost in our society, but if we followed them, we'd have a better environment. Respect for older people, responsibility, cleaning up after yourself, being helpful and having a spirit of kindness - how did we lose all those things? I appreciate that this is being put out there and would be a great addition to any family's library. ~ Karen Saari of karensaari.com, member of the Skill Trek Editor Team
Come hit the trail with us!
Purchase Options
Skill Trek Express Digital Curriculum
$34.95/ Bundle
  • Digital Downloads delivered to Your email.
  • View the skills and videos on any device.
  • Includes one season of one group.
Skill Trek
Family Memberships begin at $14.95
  • An online membership portal for your entire family.
  • Unlimited access to seasonally released skills for every age group
  • A complete library of BONUS skills + Current Event and Topical Skills